small batch caramel apple cupcakes.

A dreamy caramel apple cupcake is just what your Tuesday needs. I'm ridiculously excited to share this DELICIOUS little baked good with you. Especially because it's that time of year again. When the scents of apple crisps, apple cinnamon pork tenderloins, and bourbon apple butter waft through the house. When apple cider moscow mules, apple … Continue reading small batch caramel apple cupcakes.

small batch banana split cupcakes.

If you thought that the next cupcake I was going to share with you wasn't going to be stuffed, iced, drizzled, sprinkled, topped, and finished with a cherry - you obviously don't know me at all. Especially because these cupcakes were made for me, by me, on my birthday. So I was definitely going to … Continue reading small batch banana split cupcakes.