strawberry marshmallows.

Check out these little pink bite-sized beauties. So. We are BIG marshmallow people in this family.  And I mean big.  We love everything marshmallow.  I'm talking s'mores.  Peeps.  Nutter butter sandwiches.  Even the word marshmallow sparks joy in our lives.  Like some wonderful sugar cloud that you can snuggle up with and take a big … Continue reading strawberry marshmallows.

small batch cherry limeade cupcakes.

Whew.  Want to talk about things in our lives that are a complete joke? Like how I'm supposed to be moving across three states in a week and a half and my house is still pretty much unpacked.  Mainly because every time I've attempted to pack something, I have later opened back up the box … Continue reading small batch cherry limeade cupcakes.