tuna avocado salad.

Okay, listen. I know this may look kind of plain.  Boring even. And maybe it is.  A simple tuna salad.  And depending on how you feel about the good ole tuna salad sandwich - an avid consumer or one who is repulsed by even the smell - you're going to love this or hate it. … Continue reading tuna avocado salad.


strawberries & cream muddy buddies.

More muddy buddies, what what! If you haven't already guessed it: muddy buddies are probably my go-to snack.  I've shared s'mores muddy buddies, football-inspired muddy buddies, and these candy cane muddy buddies over the past couple of years. And now these. Strawberries and cream muddy buddies! Once again, Valentine's Day inspired me with this simple-to-make snack.  … Continue reading strawberries & cream muddy buddies.