cranberry ham and cheddar melt.

Or a trashed up grilled cheese. Whatever you want to call it. I'm just going to call it good. Real good. But no, seriously.  A couple of months ago, I posted my  French onion grilled cheese recipe onto Reddit.  You wouldn't believe the backlash I received for calling it a "grilled cheese" sandwich instead of … Continue reading cranberry ham and cheddar melt.


gingerbread overnight oats.

Overnight oats. Gingerbread overnight oats. Can we seriously just snuggle up and eat this for the rest of the year? Because I am totally making this a THING. It's seriously like eating a cookie for breakfast. I know, I know.  Just what we need this time of year. Except it is.  Because it takes less … Continue reading gingerbread overnight oats.


I am straight up obsessed with eggnog during this time of year. And even more so when it involves rum. And flavors of coconut. Enter the seventh day of Christmas, when I'm sharing you: coquito. Coquito (coh-kee-toe) is a Puerto Rican, coconut-based alcoholic drink somewhat similar to eggnog.  And by similar, I mean they both … Continue reading coquito.