strawberry frosé.

Yes. You totally read that right. FROSÉ! Strawberry frosé to be exact.  Strawberry frosé that I wouldn't mind drinking every single evening for the rest of eternity. Strawberry frosé that I sat with a spoon and devoured like ice cream. That could be a problem.  Especially because it's embarrassingly simple to make.  Seriously, the only thing … Continue reading strawberry frosé.

caprese panini.

That cheese, though. Here's the thing. I love Caprese salads. I mean, what's not to love?  Mozzarella cheese.  Tomatoes.  Fresh basil. The first time I had heard of the concept, I had just returned back to the states after my first deployment which also ended up being towards the end of Lent.  That's also the … Continue reading caprese panini.