small batch jumbo monster cookies.

Want to know what I did last week? Ate this entire batch of cookies. By myself. And these cookies are jumbo.  I'm talking, the size-of-my-face, that's-a-normal-sized-plate, kind of jumbo. Thank goodness there were only six. But here's a little background on these cookies: Right after Audrey was born, I felt like there was something missing … Continue reading small batch jumbo monster cookies.


crazy coconut overnight oats.

I'm dubbing this the breakfast of the summer. These overnight oats are by far my most favorite way to use oats in my kitchen right now.  They even beat out the monster cookies I made recently (recipe coming soon) and the triple chocolate brownie batter overnight oats version I made prior to this. This, though. … Continue reading crazy coconut overnight oats.

cuban sandwich.

If there was a sandwich that I would always pick... Hands down, it would be a Cuban sandwich. Always!  Unless the establishment is known for their Reubens.  Then there might be an internal debate that takes place.  But generally, if I see a Cuban sandwich on the menu, I'm sold. If you've been following my … Continue reading cuban sandwich.