mashed cinnamon honey carrots.

Alternative title: I don't know how to eat anything orange without adding cinnamon & honey to it. But why would I? The one thing that I have learned from trying a plethora of diets is that I don't eat a variety of vegetables.  Broccoli, sure.  Sweet potatoes, sure.  Peas, maybe.  Everything else, unlikely.  It's not … Continue reading mashed cinnamon honey carrots.


samoa cookie iced coffee.

I should preface this by saying that I have been on my Samoa-game this week. Especially with that coconut caramel sauce I shared the other day. I may have even googled "what can I put caramel sauce on" to feel better about my life in general. Since every half hour I find myself in the fridge, … Continue reading samoa cookie iced coffee.

mediterranean chickpea salad.

Can I even call this a recipe? This is so embarrassingly easy, I'm kind of embarrassed to even tell you about it.  But apparently not too embarassed, because it's here.  And it tastes so darn delicious. It's a it's-snowing-outside-and-I'm-dreaming-of-warmer-climates type of thing. An I-whipped-this-up-while-my-daughters-pizza-was-in-the-toaster type of thing.  A tastes-even-better-the-next-day-type-of-thing. So, obviously, it had to be … Continue reading mediterranean chickpea salad.