diy man crate.

"The most awesome gifts in the world." And maybe they are. When someone can actually afford them. However, I'm not one of those in the business of spending upwards of $100 to open a crate.  With a crowbar.  And as much as I would have loved to have been, so I could purchase their Moscow Mule crate for … Continue reading diy man crate.

corkboard map.

I've wanted to do this for a while. Yes, to have a post up earlier enough in the day for normal people to read! Not those of us who procrastinate doing coursework into the wee hours of the night by typing up blog posts.  Definitely not those. But also to make this corkboard map. I mean, … Continue reading corkboard map.

pineapple planter.

My love affair with pineapples has just begun. I mean, first I started with this chocolate/champagne pineapple for the best little DIY housewarming gift, and now this.  But I have like thirty other pineapple things I want to do.  I'm talking sleeping bags, stenciled shoes, string lights, pillows.  Basically, if you can name it, I'm … Continue reading pineapple planter.