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Everyone has their story.  This little corner of the web is part of mine.  I have many titles: mom, daughter, sister, friend, financial analyst, blogger.  I also have many interests: food, fitness, history, travel, reading, homesteading, sewing, and more. This is my space where I share some of those interests with you. If your little heart desires, you can contact me – I like hearing from you. You can ‘like’ The Lovely Life on Facebook, follow along on InstagramFoodgawker, and Pinterest, or subscribe to the e-mail list to get a notification whenever a new post goes live. 



For the longest time, this blog was strictly just recipes, and for the most part – it still is.  I’m a self-taught cook and baker who still has difficulty reading recipes.  I mean, who doesn’t try to cook a three hour cassoulet 30 minutes before they plan to sit down for dinner?  No one?  Well, while you may not read about my epic cassoulet fail on here, you will find all sorts of other dishes.  From healthy recipes to comfort food.  Indulgent desserts to my favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic sips. And cheese.  An embarrassingly over-abundance of cheese.

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Travel is a true passion of mine and I am constantly mentally planning my next trip (or ten).  Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve wanted to explore the world, joining the Marine Corps in hopes that dream of mine would come true.  Unfortunately, not much traveling occurred during those years, unless you count being fenced in on military installations in the middle east.  And now that I’m a mother, my travels are geared more towards family-friendly (and occasionally pet-friendly) itineraries.  The memories that are made from experiencing new places through their sights and tastes are truly priceless.  And I hope my obsessive research can benefit us all when I share my highlights and recommendations from each of our trips.

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In 2012, I gained my first real responsibility. You know, aside from a grown-up job, rent, bills, car insurance, etc.  I gained a pet.  I remember the first time I laid eyes on him.  He was the largest one in his litter.  I picked him up, cuddled him, and knew that he was mine.  I also knew that I had never owned a dog in my entire life and had no idea where to begin.  But over the years, I’ve learned a few things about my fluffy little nugget, and I share them with you here.  Like the benefits of certain ingredients in homemade treats, and how to make an on-trend dog bandana.

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I’m a mom-taught DIYer.  And while I can bust out a mean cross-stitch, mod-podge the crap out of some corkboard, or use a hot-glue gun like a pro, I seem to lose a chain on each row of my crochet projects, I fumble with knitting needles, and the sewing machine still intimidates me.  That doesn’t mean I don’t try, though.  I’m a firm believer in possessing multiple skills and to never stop learning more.  So, I want to share my journey of building all my furniture, sewing all my clothes, and making home decor pieces, traditional medicines, and fun little gifts – no matter how long it takes for me to master these skills.

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In addition to all of the above, you’ll find my thoughts on all manner of things, from reviews of good eats and books I am reading to my recommendations of beauty and lifestyle products, and lots more.

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