diy: double x console table

I’ve dreamed of a console table to decorate for as long as I could remember.


Priorities, right?

I needed a kitchen table so that I could serve Thanksgiving dinner this past holiday season.

And I need a console table so that I could decorate it for this holiday season.

Like I said, priorities.

But it wasn’t as easy as I had thought.  I could not find a table I liked.  They were either too big.  Or too slim.  Or too plain.  I mean, I knew I wanted to build it, because I didn’t want to be stuck with pressed wood, and anything that wasn’t was way out of my price range.  I just needed to find something that I could live with forever, but I couldn’t.

Until Her Tool Belt shared her entry way reveal.

It was love at first sight.

I mean, you guyssss.  This table was simple but unique with its double X’s.  It had that farmhouse-style vibe that I’m currently loving, but it wasn’t too country-looking.  It was the epitome of perfection.


Or, so I had thought.

I realized after I had cut all of the wood down to size, that it was a bit too large for where I wanted to put it.  Apparently laying a measuring tape down on the ground doesn’t exactly do the depth of the table justice.

However, laying the wood down totally put bruised hipbones into perspective.

This is when I started to panic.

I mean, I had my heart set on this particular table.  So, I tried to rearrange my entire living room to fit it.  I mean, I could put Audrey’s kitchen set on the wall where I planned to put the table, and put the table on the wall where Audrey’s kitchen set was.  But then I would ruin the little toy-corner we have set up, which I wasn’t totally on board with.  Plus, I really wanted the table to go underneath my corkboard map.

So, I did what any person in a panic would do.

I called my parents.

They asked me why I didn’t just cut it down to a size that would fit?

Um, I don’t know, maybe because I’m a newbie woodworker and I wouldn’t even know where to begin.


But after some thought, I figured it out.  If I needed to remove 5 1/4 inches from the top (the actual width of a 2×6),  I needed to make the base slimmer.  The width of the base is determined by the thickness of the wood (1 1/2 inches is the actual thickness of a 2″ thick wood board) plus the size of the spacer.

I also knew that I wanted about an inch and a quarter of overhang by each leg.  So, with 2 3/4 inches on each side (the 1 1/2″ board thickness and the 1 1/4″ overhang), and a 10 1/2 inch top, I was left with 6 inches.  So, my spacers needed to each be 6 inches.

So, I went back to the miter saw, and trimmed off four inches of each spacer.

And then prayed I didn’t just waste around $30 on wood.

But after following Her Tool Belt’s double X console table assembly plans, it became apparent that I didn’t.

Because I am so in love with the way this table turned out.

I decided to finish the table with Minwax penetrating stain in Early American and a coat of their fast drying Polyurethane.


And now I can’t wait to decorate it!

So, stay tuned while I share a bunch of autumn decor tutorials over the next couple of weeks.  And maybe purchase a lamp to go on it.  Because it could totally use a lamp.

And how about those sunflowers?  Ugh. I could just cover my house in them.

Sunflowers and more wood furniture.

Because now I want to make all the things.


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