spring favorites: lifestyle.

It’s crazy how quickly spring time came and went!  But there were so many things I fell in love with (or fell in love with all over again) this season. Check them out below!



I saw a co-worker sporting these pants when I first started working at my new job and absolutely loved them!  I just couldn’t imagine spending the price tag she paid.  But, not being able to get them off of my mind, I decided to do a google search to find out if I could purchase them elsewhere for any cheaper.  And great news, I can! Amazon constantly has them at discounted prices, and I even scored a like-new pair on ThredUp.  Now I have them in three shades (which to be honest, are all variations of black – but I don’t care)!  These pants are like skinny trousers, made of the thickest, most durable fabric.  They even have a seam down the front, giving them a professional look – even if they do feel like you’re lounging around in leggings all day!

Last season I was all about taking my running to new levels.  And then it got hot.  Too hot.  I had forgotten how hot it gets in eastern North Carolina.  Thank goodness for these guys.  I started using their workouts years ago and always seem to gravitate towards them when outside conditions become unbearable – like the wintertime in Pennsylvania and the summertime here.  Right now I’m doing an 8 week program for busy people and I absolutely love it!  Because I am busy.

I would say that I’ve become quite an ice cream person, but that would insinuate that I wasn’t one before.  And I’ve always been. Hand me a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ‘Everything but the…’ and that’ll be the last time you lay eyes on it.  However, this year I’ve been totally into making my own and this machine is perfect at lending a hand to churn out a perfect concoction – like this s’mores ice cream and this strawberry variety.

I’ve struggled with storing my frozen treats in the past.  I’ve broken plastic storage containers due to the extreme cold and seem to need my metal loaf pan every time I’ve used it to store my frozen ice cream or frozen yogurt.  Then I bought this.  I was super hesitant because of some of the reviews, but it was one of those times I took a chance and am so glad that I did.  This design is slim enough to fit in the freezer door, and the lid seals better than anything I’ve used before.  Plus, my broke-ass freezer that creates a permafrost on all food couldn’t even touch this, and I enjoyed frost-free ice cream for the entire life of the desserts (which have spanned a few days…)

I have a goal of purchasing a set of PowerBlock dumbbells, but the $300 price tag has me cringing every time the thought comes to mind.  That’s where this app comes into play.  I mean, who doesn’t want to win cash for implementing healthy habits?  Plus, it’s completely free to sign up!  All you have to do is sync your health-related apps that you are already using to start earning.  You can earn points for moving – whether it’s running, walking, or aerobics, earn points for tracking your food intake, and earn points for answering health-related questionnaires.  Heck, you can even earn points for sleeping!  Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem those points for cash.  Score!   I’m using all of my earnings to go towards those PowerBlocks.

Speaking of extra funds – I’ve started using this app again.  I stopped using it when I moved down here and started shopping exclusively at Lidl.  Except it wasn’t really exclusively, because they never had everything I needed.  So, I went back to trusted favorites and earning cash back on purchases I make from places like Walmart, my local grocer, and even Amazon.  Not only am I finding it easy to stay within my grocery budget switching back to these establishments, but that cash that I’m earning back is totally going to help towards that PowerBlock goal of mine.

When I was in the Marine Corps, I spent a deployment in Afghanistan researching my ancestry.  Based on what I found, I was pretty certain what my ancestral background was, but I wanted to find out if there was something I didn’t know – like am I actually Polish when I was raised believing I was Slovakian?  Nope.  However, after receiving this this for Christmas, I purchased one for each of my parents and have become sort of obsessed finding out all of the nitty gritty stuff.  Like – which one of my parents did I get that small portion of English DNA from?!

I love these shoes.  You see – I, unfortunately, am someone who walks on the outside of my feet.  Why?  I have not a freaking clue.  All I know is that I purchase a brand new pair of flats, and within weeks, I have holes on the outsides.  But then I heard about this brand and was completely intrigued.  A comfortable, rubber, ballet flat.  These shoes are comfortable.  And I’ve had them over a year and absolutely no holes!  Plus, they are made in the United States, which I’m completely on board with.

This past Easter, I was trying to think of fun things to add to Audrey’s basket, besides candy.  When I requested advice from co-workers, they recommended electronics, like hand-held game boys, and games for her non-existent game console.  I had other things in mind – like skip-its and paper dolls (I know. I know.)  I ended up going with a summer-fun theme: swim suit, towel, sunglasses, etc.  However, when my parents visited a few weeks ago, they bought this and it totally reminds me of a wooden paper doll set.  Audrey’s in love! She now has this one and a Minnie Mouse version, and claims they are her absolute favorite toys.  So, honestly, forgo the electronics and let your kids have some good ole’ fun with these!

{none of these are are sponsored, I just thought it would be fun to talk about some of the things I am loving lately. however, if you do sign up for some of the apps utilizing the provided links, there is a referral compensation.}


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