winter favorites: lifestyle


Take a little peak at my current favorite things – there’s so much I’ve been loving lately!

I never thought I could get on board with the whole audio book thing. Mainly because I was uncertain how I would concentrate on listening to what they were saying while doing whatever task I was working on while listening. But I finally gave it a shot and I am in love.  Especially with this book. The thing is, I’m quite the yeller when it comes to punishing Audrey. And I don’t want to be. Especially when the author, Dr. Phelan, claims my yelling fits are actually just adult temper tantrums. Ugh, so true. So now I’m on the path to emotional intelligence strength and utilizing these tools to raise my daughter into a well-behaved little person without the need to raise my voice.

This app. Over the years I have tried to learn a second language.  I took three years of Spanish in high school.  I stuck Japanese word stickers all over my parents’ home and bought “learn Japanese while you drive” audio discs.  I even dabbled a little with the French language while on a deployment to Iraq.  But nothing.  Nada.  I remember the most standard of greetings and that is all.  Until I wanted to learn German with Duolingo.  I set a time for 30 minutes each day and try to practice as much as possible, and while I may not be fluent, I can begin to understand what people are saying when they are speaking the language.

I am so stinking passionate about traveling the world.  And teaching my daughter all about the cultures and what they have to offer.  That’s why this monthly subscription box  is my favorite! Each month Audrey receives a package in the mail with a new adventure – like exploring the world’s animals and its multiple cuisines. The box contains so many activities that we complete together: an activity book, a project, a luggage tag, suitcase stickers, and a postcard. It’s seriously such a fun way to spend some quality time with my little nugs while she learns something new.

Guys.  I used to run a lot. I’m talking like every single day. And then I had Audrey and that stopped. So, when we first moved to North Carolina, I wanted to pick it back up again. But it’s so much harder pushing a stroller than what I’d thought.  So I acquired a treadmill and started this program which allows me to run outside or on the treadmill, because it uses time rather than GPS tracking like other running apps.  So, now I’m back to doing the things I love. And listening to audio books while doing it.

Of course when mommy is doing something, little ones want to follow suit. Unfortunately, being three-years-old means there’s no getting onto the treadmill, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be active. I love the fact I came across this YouTube channel that combines story time with yoga.  So, while I’m getting my run on for the day, Audrey’s standing in front of me being a tree.  But hey, even if you’re not working out, this channel is great to keep your kids occupied while you’re checking off things on your to-do list.  Score.

I’ve been raving about this tray since I purchased it a couple months ago. I’ve used it to serve five cheeseboards since then. So, it would be crazy not to claim it as one of my “favorite things”.

Another purchase that I’ve absolutely been loving are these pants. I was so worried that a pair of $12 pants was going to be just that – a pair of $12 pants.  But whoa. These are freaking quality. They are made of such thick material and the waistline helps to control any unwanted tummy bulge.  Can I please just get these in every shade of the rainbow?

The beginning of winter brought on some new year’s resolutions. And while I may not have kept all of them (darn you, diets), I have been going pretty strong with some – like consuming water! Thanks to this bottle I’m able to stay on track with my water-consuming goals.

I seriously can not function without one of these. I purchased my first one four years ago in the thick of completing my degree and haven’t stopped using them since. It provides me with a little bit of much-needed organization in my life from daily to-do lists, what’s needed at Audrey’s day care, and even meal & travel planning.  This year I even purchased a little monthly budget insert so that I could follow exactly where my money is going and how I can tweak my budget to best fit my life.

{none of these are are sponsored, I just thought it would be fun to talk about some of the things I am loving lately.}


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