diy: photo coasters.

Am I a horrible mom if I don’t want my house littered with paper childhood crafts?


I prefer something that will outlast the years.

Like the salt dough ornament I made of Audrey’s handprint when she was only five months old or these cute little “thumb body loves you” magnets that I made for myself, from Audrey, for Mother’s Day last year.

So, as Mother’s Day quickly approached again, I was uncertain of what to do.  Both for my own mother and for myself. And my trusty Pinterest search almost failed me.  Especially because of the amount of paper crafts that are created for Mother’s Day.  And my desire to never clutter my house with them.

But then I saw these.

Cute little tile coasters with photos adhered to them.  And the possibilities became endless.  It was something that could be so personal that it was just too perfect to pass up.  And the best part was that I didn’t even think of it until days before and was able to complete it in 48 hours.  Perfect weekend project!

For my mother’s coasters, I decided to take a picture of each of the grandkids (and grand-pup), making a total of 6 coasters.  I matched that for my own, by photographing Audrey and Prince displaying signs “Happy” “Mother’s Day” and “2018”.  Six coasters fit perfectly into these little wooden boxes founded at the craft section of Walmart, so I definitely recommend doing no more for a set.


Photo Coasters

what you need: 

how to make it:

First, modge podge your photos to the tile.  Ensure they are completely dry before spray painting with the clear coat.  Allow the clear coat to dry 24 hours before sticking anything wet on coaster.

Once coasters are completely dry, add felt pads on the bottom in all four corners.

Paint the pallet box base whatever color chalk paint you’d like.


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