diy: easy & functional dvd storage.

How crazy is it that it’s already May?


And my to-do list for this year hasn’t gotten even remotely smaller.

If anything, I’ve added things to it.

Like building myself an entertainment stand and shelving units for my living room. I told you, I’m pretty much a master builder now.

However, organizing my DVDs has been on my to-do list foreverrrr.  See, a few years ago my parents gave me this Amish-made DVD holder that held my collection no problem.  But then my collection continued to grow, and I began to run out of space on that small wooden display. So, I threw away all of the cases and put the discs, alphabetically, into one of those CD case binders.

But there couldn’t have been a more annoying way to file my DVDs.  I swear I left enough room between each letter to allow the section to grow, but as the years went on I began to file “Frozen” and “Gone Girl” at the end.  Basically, I no longer had any sort of organization, and to be completely honest, those CD case binders are not the most appealing items to look at.

Then I saw these from the Hearth & Hand line at Target.


I knew immediately they would be perfect for what I wanted.

Since I no longer had the DVD cases, I removed the DVDs from the CD case binder and put them into paper envelopes.  I then organized the DVDs into different categories: action, comedy, drama, musicals, kids, holiday, and thriller/horror, and then sorted out every television series I have (hello, Game of Thrones!).

Once everything was sorted into piles, I alphabetized them.  Because I’m pretty sure something can’t be organized without it being alphabetized.


I wanted to stick with the black/gold theme, and saw a pin on Pinterest that was exactly what I wanted, however, I didn’t have all of the tools the original poster had.

But I figured out a way!

First, I chose a thick black cardstock from a local office supply store.  There is not a brand name on the packaging, so I’m uncertain of who makes the card stock, but I’m sure any sturdy card stock will work.  I cut it into 5 x 5 3/4″ which turned out to be the perfect size, and then used Martha Stewart’s 1″ circle craft punch (similar) to create a tabbed top.

Like the original poster, I reinforced the tops with clear packing tape and gold on clear tape labels (from an Epson label maker).

Finally, I had my sister create labels for the outside of each bin.  I am the opposite of tech savvy, so she’s always my saving grace when it comes to labels.  I printed them out on plain white sticker paper and trimmed them down before centering them on (as best as possible) on the bins.

Now, I actually enjoy what my movie storage looks like and it’s SO easy to find what I am looking for.  And if I’m not certain what movie I’m in the mood to watch, I can easily find something based off of the genre I may be interested in.

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