mashed cinnamon honey carrots.

Alternative title: I don’t know how to eat anything orange without adding cinnamon & honey to it.


But why would I?

The one thing that I have learned from trying a plethora of diets is that I don’t eat a variety of vegetables.  Broccoli, sure.  Sweet potatoes, sure.  Peas, maybe.  Everything else, unlikely.  It’s not that I don’t like other vegetables.  I mean, it’s rare that you’ll come across a vegetable that I don’t like.  It’s just that I don’t gravitate towards those when I think of a side dish.

Which is weird because I am constantly asking myself what side to make when I’m meal planning.  And nine times out of ten it’s roasted broccoli.

In order to stop that madness, I’m trying reallllllyy hard to make myself think outside of the box and step away from those trusted green florets to a vegetable that doesn’t get the time of day it deserves.

Like carrots.

Carrots are packed with antioxidants, which may play a role in the prevention of cancer, as they’ve been shown to cut the risk of tumor development in rats.  It’s also been associated with lowering the risk of heart attacks in women.  One common benefit we’ve all heard before is that a deficiency in Vitamin A can cause vison problems, well carrots may reduce the risk of glaucoma by 64 percent when consuming 2 servings per week, because they are packed full of vitamin A!

So why haven’t I been eating them more often?

I honestly couldn’t answer that.

Especially because these mashed cinnamon honey carrots are insanely delicious.  Like sweet potatoes but more flavorful.  And with less calories.

So, move over broccoli, there’s a new dish that made it to my vegetable side-dish rotation.


{This recipe was written for 30seconds and can be found here}


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