review: kodiak cakes.

Whyyyy does it take me so long to do things?


I will legitimately ponder over making a purchase until the item is no longer in stock.

For instance: I’ve been wanting to reorganize my DVD collection.  Especially since the 500 DVD capacity case I currently have is about to burst at the seams.  However, I mistakenly purchased (4) 100 DVD capacity cases over the holiday thinking that my new alphabetically organized system was totally going to work, and felt pretty stupid as I nearly filled each case and realized I had a massive quantity of DVDs left to go through.

So I returned them and set off to search for a new idea on Pinterest.

And I found one.

One that involves paper sleeves, and neatly labeled cardstock.  One that can be labeled by genre and alphabetically instead of just haphazardly thrown in because I didn’t leave enough space for DVDs beginning with the letter A and now I have to either take out every DVD and shift them over or suck it up and put “Atonement” towards the end.

I even had the cases picked out.  Some beautiful galvanized metal cases.

But then I kept thinking, do I really want that style?  Do I like the fact that they don’t have a lid?  Would that really be feasible for as often as I move?

But, my procrastination made my decision for me.  The cases are no longer available.

But I digress.  This isn’t about movie organization and home décor purchases.  No.  This post is about flapjacks and waffles. Kodiak cakes flapjacks and waffles to be exact.

So, I ask myself again.  Whyyy in the world do I wait forever to do things!?

Like try these pancakes.

Because these mixes are so stinking delicious, I’m contemplating throwing my pancakes for one recipe right out the window.

I’m always hesitant about purchasing pre-packaged products.  Especially when the contents consist of enriched flour bleached, corn starch, partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil, and distilled monoglycerides.  Umm what?

But Kodiak Cakes?  Whole ingredients.  There is absolutely nothing that I have to google to find out what it is. 100% whole grain wheat flour100% whole grain oat flourdried honeyegg whitessea salt.  And each variety has anywhere between 8-14 grams of protein per serving.

And sometimes you don’t want to pull out 8-10 ingredients to make breakfast.  And you don’t have to with these mixes because all you do is add water.

Say, whattt?

At first I picked up a box of their dark chocolate.  It was like eating brownies for breakfast.  With dark chocolate chips.  But healthier.  I mean, what’s not to love?  Not only that, but I’m sure you could use this mix for my dark chocolate peppermint crunch pancakes and these black forest pancakes.

But then I just had to try another product – so I picked up their original flavor – whole wheat, oat & honey.  These reminded me of my standard pancake recipe, but dare I say better?!  So if you wanted to, you could totally amp it up by making my northwest blueberry crisp pancakes, but they are amazing on their own with a drizzle of maple syrup or ChocZero’s Honest Syrup in Vanilla.

Next on my list to try?  Their pumpkin flax.

Because that just sounds incredible.

I’m definitely, without a doubt, going to have these on hand 24/7.  For those mornings when I want breakfast to take less time to make than it does for me to eat it.  

So, don’t be like Samantha.  Try these immediately after you hear about them.  They won’t disappoint.



{none of this is sponsored. these products were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any of the companies above, nor do I accept free products.}


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