low carb key lime “muddy buddies”.

Yes, I did.


Honestly, whenever I think about going on a “diet”, my mind automatically wonders to the things I can not have.  And while it was never my intention to eliminate food groups from my diet completely, but to cut way down on them, I still dreaded the thought of not having my favorite go-to snack on the regular: muddy buddies.

I mean, muddy buddies are the most carb-loaded snack.  Like ever.  Chex cereal. Chocolate.  Sugar.  How in the world was I going to still enjoy this?

Honestly, it wasn’t until I found ChocZero that I believed that I could truly make a low-carb muddy buddy.  I decided to replace the Chex cereal with almonds – because not only are almonds a good source of crucial nutrientsprotein and fiber while being low in sugar.  These tree nuts also pack a good amount of magnesium which helps to lower LDL cholesterol levels, reducing cardiovascular diseases.  The high levels of fiber in these little nuggets help to maintain a healthy weight and promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

So, obviously almonds were a definite.

But really, ChocZero’s sugar free white chocolate dipping cups is what stole the show.  The chocolate, just like their syrups, are sweetened with monk fruit which has zero glycemic impact!  Anddd there’s only one net carb per cup.  Uh, can you say winning!?

I should disclose right now that I am not being paid to give a review on ChocZero products.  I am just THAT impressed with the stuff.

Not wanting to settle for simple, because you do know who am I, right??  I decided to make these key lime flavored. If  you don’t know who I am, I don’t do simple.  Ever.  Trash up all the things, please!

Because I’m absolutely dying for warm weather. And beaches. And everything citrus!

And honestly – these things didn’t disappoint.  Do I still prefer my beloved muddy buddy?  Sure!  But these totally satisfy the craving.

The only problem I face now is not mindlessly eating them while I binge-watch Netflix Original shows.


Low Carb Key Lime “Muddy Buddies”

serves: 8 * calories: 274 * fat(g): 23.5 * protein(g): 9.5 * carbs(g): 11.5 * net carbs(g): 3.7

In a Ziploc bag, combine the protein powder and erythritol.  Set aside.

In a microwave safe dish, add the components of 3 ChocZero white chocolate dipping cups, zest, and juice from key lime.  Microwave in intervals of 15 seconds until melted.  Because of the citrus juice, the chocolate seizes slightly, but work quickly and you will be fine.

Pour the almonds into the melted chocolate, and mix with a spatula until evenly coated.  Then pour the coated almonds into the Ziploc bag, close up, and shake!

*I use Isopure’s Creamy Vanilla because there are 0 carbs, but use whatever protein  powder you prefer – or avoid it and add more erythritol.



These photos, though. Ugh!




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