twelve days of christmas gifts (8)

Whereee has the time gone?


I feel like my classes have just ended and it’s already been a week and a half.

And it’s going to be the new year in another week and a half!

So, obviously I’m starting my long list of new year’s resolutions.  You know – the standard: work on being healthier, save more money, finish more projects on my to-do list, etc.

Because, why not, right?


So, this means a new year of a lot of sewing because I have a lot of sewing projects on my to-do list.  Because, let’s be honest here when I tell you that I’m absolutely horrible at sewing.  As much as I would like to be a professional seamstress, it’s just not my forte.   And I don’t really want to be a professional seamstress, but I would like to know how to sew a straight line.  I mean, for the machine doing most of the work and the user being just a “guide”, I suck.  But practice makes perfect, right?

This brings me to the eighth gift ONE lucky winner will be receiving this year: a pack of 10 re-useable make-up removing wipes

Because while I’m tackling my to-do list, I’m also finding ways to save money.  Who really wants to buy a pack of 25 make-up removing wipes for $8.  Especially when you need to use two around the holiday season.  Because holiday make-up means glitter.  And glitter is ridiculously impossible to get off.


Luckily for me, my mother is a sewer.  And has a multitude of fabric scraps.  Super pretty fabric scraps, which allowed me to make twenty different make-up removers.  Ten for me, and ten for you!  And the best part?  It only took about an hour for the entire process.  Is that easy, or what?

I chose a flannel fabric because I absolutely love how soft it is, and I figured it would be gentle enough to remove the 15 coats of mascara I put on daily.  I then folded the material in half so that I’d only have to cut once and both sides would pair up perfectly.  I used a cup to trace about a 3 inch circle with pencil, and then cut on the line (The one thing I didn’t worry about doing correctly!).  makeupremovingwipes3

Once all of the fabric was cut, I put about a thousand pins in.  Because I did not want that user-error to occur and I shift the fabric and make it all lop-sided.  And hey, it worked. I chose a closed overlock stitch to stitch both fabric pieces together,   Mainly because I liked how decorative it looked.  And took my time.  Because? Beginner here!

And the end result?


And now I’m ready to sew all the things!


So, on the 8th day of Christmas gifts, one lucky winner will receive: a pack of 10 re-useable make-up removing wipes, a 15 cm carved wooden treea decorated to-go muga 1lb bag of organic whole elderberriesa box of macaronsa wire bow ringgingerbread bath products, and a crocheted cowl.

Haven’t entered yet?  You still have time!  Click here to enter the giveaway! And good luck!


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