twelve days of christmas gifts (2)

I seriously can’t believe the holidays are right around the corner.


So, I’ve decided to share with you a few of my favorite holiday must-haves.  Although, to be honest, I use these products all the time because they aren’t just favorites during this season – they are favorites year round.

Some of the products I’ve been using for years and I keep going back to them because of how much I love the product.  Others are new favorites.  Although, I’ll be honest, ever since having Audrey, my make-up purchasing has sort of taken a backseat, so the list is quite small.


Tarte – Home for the Holidaze Palette: I really contemplated even sharing this one, because it’s not available for purchase anymore.  With that being said, the bottom left palette is available on ebay and Tarte has empty magnetic palette cases you can purchase to create a make-shift set.  I absolutely love this palette because it’s essentially four small palettes in one, and great for traveling around for the holidays because of this.  The colors are neutral, which is typically what I wear, and there’s enough of both shimmer and matte to change up my look daily.

Winsome and Wisdome Mane Tame: I’ll be honest and state that I originally bought this for my daughter and her curly hair, but I use it myself because it makes my hair so stinking soft and smells amazing.  This leave-in-conditioner spray is paraben and sodium chloride free, and prevents dryness by adding extra moisture.  And it smells like a tropical island.  Which I definitely don’t mind my hair smelling like.  A plus?  It makes it so easy to brush through  my two-year-old’s unbearably knotty hair.

Essie Russian Roulette: I LOVE this shade so much.  I think it’s perfect for Christmas, and although the description says it’s bright red with subtle orange undertones – I think it’s the most perfect Christmas red.  I start painting my nails this shade right after Thanksgiving and probably won’t change colors until spring!


E.L.F. Expert Liquid Liner in Jet Black: I haven’t purchased another eyeliner since first trying this.  This liquid liner glides on so well and is the blackest of blacks.  I’ve also tried their navy shade and their brown, and while they work just as well, the jet black shade is my favorite.  This product does receive a lot of negative reviews, and I can agree that the eyeliner is a bit more liquidy than others, but it’s easy enough to apply.  And this is coming from someone who can’t do a winged liner to save her life.

Pompeii Street Soap Co. Gingerbread Collection:  A few years ago, around the holidays, I went into this local shop to purchase some presents for Christmas, and they have little sample sized gingerbread sugar scrubs up at the register.  Because I have no self-control when it comes to purchasing products at registers and because I absolutely love gingerbread, I purchased it.  And fell in love.  It has theeee best gingerbread scent imaginable.  And the scrub leaves you feeling so stinking soft.  Being able to slather on the body butter after my shower ensures me that I will be smelling like a gingerbread cookie all day and I can not complain. Not at all.

How could I possibly list all of my favorite items and not share a single thing with you?  So, on the second day of Christmas Gifts, one lucky winner (remember, for ALL twelve gifts) will receive: gingerbread sugar scrub AND a bar of gingerbread soap.

So don’t forget to enter this giveaway, and come back each day during the month of December (up until Christmas) to check out the twelve days of Christmas gifts and twelve days of Christmas recipes!




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