twelve days of christmas gifts (1)

Eek, this is so exciting!


I’m doing my first giveaway!

And not just A giveaway, but TWELVE days of it!

That’s right.

And one lucky winner will win all twelve gifts.

All you have to do is click the link  below (and live in the United States), and you’re golden.

And come back every day to check out the newest recipes I’ve shared on the Twelve Days of Christmas and what other gifts you could win on the Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts!


So, for this giveaway I’ve decided to do a combination of both store-bought items, and handmade items – for the sheer fact that I always have a project going on and love to share my creations.

But let’s be real.

There’s no way I could possibly knock out twelve homemade gifts this month.  At least not with everything else I have going on.  So, I’m totally throwing in some of my favorite, store-bought, must-have items as well.


On the first day of Christmas gifts, I’m giving to you:

A chunky crochet cowl!


This design is similar to the chunky crochet cowl I shared a couple of weeks ago.  However, this one is a little shorter, so it hugs the neck a little bit more to protect it from these upcoming cold winter winds.  I also changed up the color from the mustard yellow I used in mine to a beautiful red.  Because nothing screams Christmas more than a nice cherry red.

If you do want to make one for yourself, I’ve altered the original pattern by chaining 130, hdc in the next row, and then hdc in the back loop on rows 3-11.  Once I was finished, I whip stitched the ends together to create the cowl.



Click here to enter the Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts giveaway!


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