apple cider moscow mule.

A holiday-inspired take on one of my favorite drinks.


You know, before I moved back up to my hometown, I had never even tried a Moscow mule.  They were my father’s favorite cocktail – until he was introduced to the Old Fashioned which is now his cocktail of choice – so it seemed like finding out what all the rave was about was the right thing to do.  Yes, I fully admit that it took my dad’s persuasion to jump on the mule bandwagon.

And now I don’t foresee jumping off any time soon.

It’s such a versatile drink.  You can make it with Jameson whisky and call it an Irish mule, Kentucky bourbon for a Kentucky mule, or tequila for a Margarita mule.  You can even mix up the original by adding flavors such as grapefruit, strawberries, peaches, or apples.

And I chose the latter.  Apple cider to be exact.

Because as soon as September first roles around, you’ll find apple cider in my refrigerator.


I originally created this drink out of desperation for a cocktail.

Toddlers + grocery shopping = the occasional meltdown in a grocery parking lot that leads parents to beeline straight to the liquor store.

However, as I set out to make this desperation-drink I did also want to create something that was simple to make, and easily multiplied to host a crowd – especially with the holidays in full swing.  Not only that, but with the addition of apple cider, it’s a drink that can be consumed throughout the entire season, not just during the holidays.

I’ve been using Fever Tree’s premium ginger beer as my go-to mixer for all my mule drinks because it’s widely available at my local grocery store, but my favorite soda brand, Zevia, has just created cocktail mixers and ginger beer is one of them!  Unfortunately, it’s difficult enough for me to purchase their sodas since I’ve moved away from the city, so I don’t expect to be able to find these anytime soon.  But if you do see them, get them, and try it.  I’m sure you’ll be happy to know you’ve just cut way down on the calories because Zevia drinks are made with stevia leaf extract.


Just another way of saving you calories during this holiday season.


Apple Cider Moscow Mule

serves 1

  • 2 oz. vodka
  • 4 oz. apple cider
  • 5 oz. ginger beer

Fill copper mug (or glass) halfway with ice.  Pour vodka and apple cider over ice and mix with spoon.  Top with ginger beer.





Thinking about making one of these right now.  I mean, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.


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