pumpkin spice cold brew.

There’s probably only one flavor that trumps my love for pumpkin spice in the fall season.



And what’s even better then maple-flavored-everything?  Combining maple and pumpkin spice together.

With coffee.

Cold brew style.

I know it’s not what the title of this recipe say.  It obviously doesn’t reveal all of its ingredients because some things are just better left simple [and yes, I just said better and simple in the same sentence].  But trust me, maple is in there – in all its glory.

Also, remind me to tell you all about my love for maple sometime.  And how I plan on tapping my parents maple tree this coming winter to make my own maple syrup.

….. but, until then…


I’m sure by now you’ve seen Dunkin’ Donuts’ new pumpkin spice cold brew.  Apparently it’s way different than their pumpkin spice iced coffee.  Especially since they are able to charge you almost a dollar extra for it.  I can’t tell the difference.  But, I never really tried to tell the difference, either.  I may need to order one of each to really be able to give a full review on their differences – if any.

Regardless, I thought it was a cool concept.  I mean, how hard could a pumpkin spice cold brew be?  I mean – it is just spices.  In coffee.

I’ll be straight forward and say that this does not have a pumpkin flavor to it at all.  So, if you’re not a pumpkin fan – you’re in luck.  If you are a pumpkin fan, you’re also in luck – because this iced coffee is to die for. Trust me.  It was even father-approved.  It is unfortunate that I haven’t created a pumpkin-flavored coffee, though.

At least not yet.


But pumpkin spice.  I’ve got that.  Right here.  With maple.

Because why the heck not?

And it’s coming to you at a fraction of the cost.

Because when you have big plans for the future like I do [which will be revealed either at the end of the year or beginning of next year], you don’t want to spend even more money on your favorite coffees.  Especially when you can learn how to make them on your own.

Oh, and this has way less sugar – and can even be classified as “clean eating”.  So, you can actually enjoy it in the morning instead of worrying about that inevitable sugar crash.

I mean, what’s not to love, right?


Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew

serves 3

  • 4 tbsp. dark roast coffee grounds
  • 1 tbsp. pumpkin pie spice
  • 4 c. cold water
  • to serve: ice, vanilla almond milk creamer, & maple syrup

In a french press: add coffee grounds and pumpkin pie spice to the carafe.  Pour cold water over top.  Place in refrigerator overnight.  When coffee is finished brewing, push the plunger down to filter grounds and spices.  If you have any remaining servings left – place french press back in refrigerator until next use.  Because the coffee is still essentially brewing, you will have a stronger coffee the next time [which is not a bad thing].

Without a french press: add coffee grounds and pumpkin pie spice to a bowl large enough to hold 4 cups of water.  Pour water over grounds and place bowl in refrigerator overnight.  When coffee is finished brewing, pour through a fine mesh sieve lined with cheesecloth into a pitcher.

To serve: Fill glass halfway with ice.  Pour cold brew over top.  Top with a drizzle (approximately 1/2 tsp.) of maple syrup and 2 tbsp. vanilla almond milk creamer.




Um, anyone else try that new maple pecan drink?  That definitely needs a re-do by me!


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