instant iced coffee hack.

I often wonder how I have no time.


But then I get to thinking about it and realize I’ve just spent the past hour checking out social media.  Instead of writing this blog post.

Or doing homework.

Or working on my many projects I had anticipating completing in June.  And it’s now almost the end of July.


Regardless of how my time is spent, my “lack” of it has resulted in me not taking a measly five minutes to put together a cold brew in the evening – which leads to me purchasing coffee out. A lot.

Not only do I not have the budget for that, but Starbucks, c’mon I mean, um, ew?  I can not seem to get on board with any of their iced coffees this season.  They taste so bitter and completely unappealing.  And I had such high freaking hopes for that coconut milk mocha macchiato.  I mean, it sounded so stinking good.  And looked so stinking good on that Facebook advertisement.  It seriously made me want to get into the car and drive the twenty minutes just to try it.  But I didn’t.  I waited until I was actually out that way.

But then I did try it.  And it was complete garbage.  And thennn I hate myself a little bit more for ordering yet ANOTHER five dollar cup of dirt.


So, I knew my decision to purchase coffee out every time I was near a coffee franchise needed to stop.  But I also knew I needed something that could be made in an instant.  Not something I had to think about making the night before when I’m already trying to remember a whole slew of things.

Not to mention I already had a pretty big container of instant coffee that had just been sitting in the pantry since I moved back up to Pennsylvania.  So, I figured why the heck not.

And guysssss.  This is SO easy.  I make my coffee in less time than it takes me to cook my eggs in the morning.  Without any prep.  Or any chilling.  Or any straining.

And it’s only two ingredients.  And water + ice.  So, it’s completely and utterly budget friendly.


PS. Pouring water and taking a picture is not my forte.

Instant Iced Coffee

serves 1

  • 1 tbsp. instant coffee
  • 3-4 tbsp. creamer of choice
  • water
  • ice

Add your instant coffee and creamer into a glass roughly around 16 oz.  Pour water until it fills glass 3/4 of the way.  Stir until instant coffee has completely dissolved.  Add ice.




Now I need to learn how to control my coffee consumption.  Oops!


3 thoughts on “instant iced coffee hack.

  1. fittorecover says:

    Hey girl! Love all things coffee, too! Just wondering, it isn’t grainy is it after you stir?? I have never used instant coffee, but you made it sound so easy so I wanna give it a shot!


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