apple cider slushies.

Yes.  Give me all the things apple cider.


Last month, during Father’s Day weekend, we took a trip to a local amusement park – Knoebles.  It was seriously a blast.  Well, for me it was because I got to experience my little nugget ride all of the kiddie rides for the first time.  If you were to ask my sister, though, she would claim she was bored out of her skull because no one was able to ride the adult rides with her.  But – I already knew that was going to happen since I now have a child of my own. Which to be honest, I thought was going to end in a disaster considering Audrey can’t stand being out of my site for a nano-second (she’s got quite the separation anxiety).

I was able to catch some short videos of her with my phone, and I’ll catch her on occasion watching them and saying “weee”.

Honestly, it was a great day.

The only thing remotely negative thing about it?  I decided to wear jeans.

I mean – who wears jeans on a hot summer day.  When you’re going to be walking around?


This girl.

But that’s the norm for me.  Always inappropriately dressed for the weather.  I’ll wear flats in a rainstorm and suffer drenched feet for the rest of the day, or a t-shirt in the fall and sit there complaining about how cold I am.

And despite it all, I still haven’t learned to check the weather prior to leaving the house.

What made up for the complete lack of weather to clothing coordination?  The apple cider slushies they had for sale.

Um, yes.  You heard that right.

Because if a standard slushie isn’t great enough, these geniuses made it out of apple cider.


Apple Cider Slushies

  • apple cider

Grab some ice cube trays and pour apple cider in them.  Freeze overnight.

Put the ice cubes into a blender, and add enough apple cider to make it the desired slushie consistency.




I swear I didn’t get out of the park before I told my sister “I need to make these at home!”


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