guilt-free cherry vanilla float.

Hey hey summer!


Although, I’m pretty sure you could fool me with what season it is.

Especially since I’ve caught this awful cold that doesn’t allow me the opportunity to breathe.  Who in the world gets sick in the summer time?  Has this always been a thing?  Or is this only a thing because I have an 18-month-old that seems to have been sick since Christmas?  That little lady is going to have one built up immune system!

I still don’t understand why I am sick, though.



Summertime reminds me of ice cream floats.  Ice cream floats from the town ice cream shops.

Which, by the way, when I was living in Virginia seemed to NOT be a thing.  I mean, who doesn’t have town ice cream shops?  Sure, there were places like Sweet Frog and Dairy Queen, but I couldn’t just drive down the road to get a vanilla soft serve cone covered in sprinkles.  Because – you know, sprinkles = life.

Now that I’m back in Pennsylvania, I’ve come to the realization that we love our ice cream.  And it’s even more apparent that I love ice cream.  More so when I have to stop myself from driving to the nearest ice cream shop daily [out of 5].

But – who says I can’t eat ice cream daily?  Especially when it’s guilt-free.

Guilt-Free Cherry Vanilla float

serves 1

Scoop ice cream into glass.  Pour soda over top.




Maybe one of these days I’ll actually share a recipe.


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