tuesday things.




1. I just celebrated my 29th birthday today. And apparently now I’m too old to do a lot of things. Like say “lol”. But, I will never be too old for #17.

2. And speaking of my birthday.  We went to a Thai restaurant where they served Thai tea.  It’s seriously been forever since I’ve had Thai tea.  And now I feel like I need it every single day.  Thank God for Pinterest and the plethora of recipes.

3. I’m pretty sure the best thing that could have happened to One Direction was breaking up. I mean, helllllo, have you heard this song? I could listen to it on repeat.

4. Although, this might be even better.

5. A healthy black cherry ice cream float? Yes, please!  And with the twelve different flavors Zevia has, I may be making this my go-to summer treat.

6. Have you seen The Handmaid’s Tale? It’s so crazy and weird. And I absolutely can not get enough. And being able to binge watch television shows has absolutely ruined my life – because now I actually have to WAIT an entire week before another episode.

7. I seriously want these shoes in every color.  I’m just so iffy about wearing rubber shoes.  I mean, I’m just imaging blister-central or something.

8. This past weekend I took Audrey on a trip to Washington D.C. for a little get-away.  Stay tuned for me sharing my recommendations for visiting the city with a toddler and what had her absolutely running for the hills.

9. This salad.  I’m counting down the DAYS until my tomatoes are ripe enough to make this.  And then devour it.

10. I’m thinking about planning a pretty big trip for my 30th birthday with the little one.  Right now, it’s pretty much a toss up between an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean [or Mexico] or a trip out west to see friends/sight see.  I like to plan well in advance.  So, you know, I just turned 29 and I’m planning the big 3-0.  Any ideas? Give me your recs!




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