pineapple planter.

My love affair with pineapples has just begun.


I mean, first I started with this chocolate/champagne pineapple for the best little DIY housewarming gift, and now this.  But I have like thirty other pineapple things I want to do.  I’m talking sleeping bags, stenciled shoes, string lights, pillows.  Basically, if you can name it, I’m making it into a pineapple.

I originally saw this on Pinterest.  However, every time I clicked the link, it informed me the website had been taken down.  Luckily, the original DIYer took numerous photos showing the process, so it was easily duplicated! And I’m so glad – because I absolutely love the way it turned out.


First, I gathered my supplies.  I had originally purchased a Crayola air dry clay but it epically failed.  It kept cracking, no matter how many layers I put on, or how many times I would try to smooth out the top layer with some water.  By day three of drying, I was ready to call it quits – but I had the aloe plants and I reallllllly wanted to do this planter.  Luckily I had some of the air-dry clay from the “thumb body loves you” magnets that we created for Mother’s Day and it worked way better.  And it was so much easier to work with.


After the clay had dried, I took a fine sandpaper to it.  I don’t know what I expected to happen?  That the clay was going to miraculously look flawless?  It was going to be super smooth and even without any lumps or bumps?  Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.  However, it did remove all of the fingerprints that were on the surface of the clay.


I chose to paint the pots a yellow acrylic paint, called “yellow” and at first I thought it was too yellow.  [Side note: I’m pretty sure at every single step, I made the remark “this shouldn’t be this hard”.  But then again, I’m the person that drops their cell phone in a toilet, so I have no misconception of how hard things can be for me at times.]  But, in all reality, the yellow color was perfect.  Especially when paired with the white lines and bright green leaves.  So, choose yellow!  And don’t second guess yourself.


Should I tell you, yet again, how hard I made this entire project on myself?  See, I tried to tape the lines.  Don’t.  The paint runs under it   and you can’t tape a decent line on a curve like that. It looked horrible.

See, look – I’m just making all these mistakes so you don’t have to.

I ended up having to paint one of them all over again with the yellow paint and then I just free-handed the lines.  I mean, it’s not like pineapples are perfect, are they?

Oh yeah, and I made two.  One was a delayed Mother’s Day gift for my mother – because why wouldn’t she want a pineapple planter for her aloe plant?


Just put the aloe plant into the pot and you’re good to go.



Ugh, I may make like 10 more of these.  They are so darn cute!.

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