violet sugar.

Because if you didn’t think my use of violets was cool enough.


I bring you this.

I honestly don’t even think you can call this a recipe.

It’s more of a process.

But I’m pretty stoked with the end result.  And if you thought the violet syrup was pretty, that has nothing on this lightly purple hued sugar – although this picture is horribly lighted and you cant see the color.  You’d think after years of taking photos of my food and writing about them, my images would be a little better, but apparently this is not a skill I possess.

Anyway.  The violet sugar.  It’d be perfect as a decorating sugar to top on cookies or frosted cupcakes.  Or inside of those baked goods for a slight floral-y flavor.  I mean, how much more spring-like can you get?

And did I mention how much I’m loving spring right now?  Except for the rain.  And when the temperatures forget it’s spring and drop into the 40s.  With rain.  And make life outside miserable.  I mean, c’mon, mother nature.

But spring.  With flowers. And sunny days.  And long walks.  That’s what’s right up my ally.  As is this sugar.

Violet Sugar

  • violet petals
  • 1/4 c sugar

Remove the green part of the violet blossom so all you have are the purple petals – enough to make 2 tbsp.  Rinse the petals and allow them to dry completely.  Add the petals and the sugar into a food processor and pulse until petals are finely ground up and blended with the sugar.

The moisture will evaporate from the sugar over a few hours, so just stir everyone once in a while to ensure there are no damp clumps.  Store sugar in an airtight container.


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