ham, green beans, and potatoes.

And once again, I disappeared.

I didn’t even finish my 12 days of Christmas.  Granted – I only had one left, and it ended up being an epic fail.

You see, my all-time favorite appetizer is a jalapeño popper.  So, I wanted to create this cheesy filled jalapeño wrapped in bacon.

Because. Bacon.

But it ended up being the least liked thing on Christmas.  So I obviously wasn’t going to post something that I wouldn’t have devoured in seconds.

Our appetizer line-up: cranberry turkey salad pinwheels, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, cheesy bacon jalapeños (see – I don’t even have a NAME for them), and buffalo chicken dip – not showed.

Anyhoo.  Long story short.  I ran out of time to make another recipe.  I was planning a birthday along with Christmas and before I knew it, it was the 26th.

But I do have a great recipe to use up any of that leftover ham you may have chilling in the fridge.  It’s something that frequented the tables of my household growing up – normally after Christmas or Easter (our two ham-for-dinner holidays), but you could really make it whenever.

Ham, Green Beans & Potatoes

  • cooked ham
  • 1 can green beans
  • potatoes
  • ham stock
  • salt and pepper, to season
  • vinegar, optional*

Peel, cut up potatoes, and add to a medium-large stockpot.  Depending on how much you use, you’ll want an equal amount of cubed cooked ham.  Add the ham to the stock pot as well.  Drain the green beans and add to the stock pot.  Add enough ham stock to cover all of the ingredients.  Cook over a medium-high heat until potatoes are tender.  Season with salt and pepper.

*It’s optional to add a bit of vinegar to taste to individual serving.  The vinegar is also a preference – some people use white and others use apple cider.


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