12 Days of Christmas (Days 1-6)

Counting down the days!  Meanwhile, I’m stock piling on food – because I know all too well when I’m overwhelmed or exhausted the first thing I ask the hubs is if he wants to grab something out.  That means fast food, pizza, Chinese – you name it.  Anything I don’t have to cook will do!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Dashing Dish – if you read any of my posts prior to my hiatus, you’d know that.  Well, this year I participated in the “12 Days of Christmas” that Katie is hosting and I just wanted to review the items made so far.  (Disclaimer – this isn’t actually days 1-6, but it is 6 of the recipes thus far.)


(Top left corner) Cheesy Hashbrown Bake – This was good.  However, the recipe isn’t complete – she’s forgetting the measurement for milk.  I ended up winging it, which still turned out great, but maybe a little dry?  Instead of using the cauliflower, I ended up pulsing 16 oz of hashbrowns in a food processor and using that.  We enjoyed this so much for dinner that we used the leftovers under fried eggs (the hubs runny and mine not so much!) Membership required for this recipe.

Skinny Brownie Batter Dip – Holy cow.  So good! Normally you see all “healthy” brownie batter dips including black beans, but this doesn’t use a single bean.  It’s so creamy, too.  It’s dangerous and probably won’t last me the “8” servings that it states.  However, I’m sure you can divide it into 8 serving sizes and if it’s just one person eating, throw it in the freezer to save.  This recipe is available to all!

Chicken Bacon & Ranch Bites – I was a little nervous about this one, because every time I make a ranch dressing from scratch, the hubs tells me that it taste like cream cheese and then he doesn’t want to eat it (and trust me, there is no cream cheese in my ranch dressings).  However, he saw these cooling on the rack when he got home from work and instantly grabbed one and took a bite before I could tell him what it was.  His moan of food-pleasure reassured me that this in no way tasted anything “cream-cheese like”.  A must-have appetizer recipe! Membership is required for this recipe.

Skinny Peppermint Mocha – honesty best coffee-based drink I’ve ever made…and I’ve made a lot!  Also, I finally got to put my Aerolatte frother to good use.  (I’ve had it for years and have yet to use it!)  I ended up using a peppermint coffee since I had some on hand.. and it was so good, I’m pretty sure it took me 3 minutes to drink the entire thing and then I wanted more.  However, being pregnant, I don’t want to indulge in too much caffeine.  However, I suggest making this! This recipe is available to all!

Gingerbread Protein Granola – I’ve wanted to make granola forever now.  I don’t understand why it’s taken me so long – since I’ve made granola in the past.. I knew it didn’t take too long. But like I said before, school + work caused me to not cook as much.  The hubs said he enjoys when I have the time to cook because the food is always so much better.  Anyway, when Katie asked us to pick one of three items prior to starting her 12 Days of Christmas, this is the one I wanted her to do!  So glad she ended up making it because it is so, so good.  A spicy tone from the ginger and cinnamon, topped with some toasted pecans and sweet white chocolate.  Yum! This recipe is available to all!

White Chocolate Cranberry Bliss Cookies – I altered this one a little bit.  Prior to Katie’s 12 Days of Christmas coming down, I had planned on making white chocolate, macadamia nut cookies for the holidays – so mine as the addition of some honey roasted macadamia nuts.  Absolutely delicious, though.  This recipe is available to all!


I definitely recommend checking out the Dashing Dish website for the recipes… I’ll be reviewing the last six (probably on Monday or Tuesday).  Also, consider signing up for a membership, you really won’t regret it.  It’s $7 a month and includes all her recipes, plus some great workouts!


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