Life Happenings



Wow.  Has it been a long time since I’ve posted anything, or what?  See, the thing is – I started working.  And then I found out I was a couple months pregnant.  And then I began school again.  It was all just so overwhelming that something had to give.  But… I’m back!  Hopefully full-time.  Hopefully, I can take you on this journey with me.  This journey of motherhood, where I still enjoy great food, traveling, and do-it-yourself things.  This journey with my ever growing family.  This journey through my lovely life!

So, yeah, motherhood.  That thing.  For the longest time I wasn’t sure that I wanted to become a mother.  I mean, I’ve probably always wanted to, but I just wasn’t sure when the right time would be.  So, earlier this year, when we moved to Virginia, we decided we weren’t going to try to become pregnant, but we weren’t going to not try.  Yeah, that took about a week.  We not tried for a flipping week.  I now have one week and one day until my due date.  That’s it.  The scary part is?  I’ve never changed a diaper before.  I’ve never really fed a child before.  I’ve never had the responsibility of calming a child down.  A baby starts crying?  Give them to their mother.  Well, what happens when I’m the mother?  I guess we’ll find out.

I’ve tried preparing.  I’ve got 40 days of freezer foods in a chest freezer that the hubs and I purchased.  The nursery is, for the most part, completely finished.  I’ve stopped working as of last Thursday and my classes end this Friday.  I feel like I should feel prepared… but don’t.  Can you really, fully prepare for something like this?   Who knows.

Just bare with me while I find my niche in this blogging world.  I’ll obviously still blog about food (my passion) but I’m also going to incorporate other things… so it’s going to be a blog about everything in my life.  Stay tuned if you’re interested.


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