thursday things.


1. I absolutely love this picture of Prince – he’s so adorable.

2. You know how I cut my hair last week?  I’m not sure I’m entirely feeling it anymore.  Which stinks – because I’m pretty sure I have 8 years to get my hair back to the length it was prior to chopping it all off.

3. I need the beach.  I keep telling Frank I want to go on one of those all-inclusive vacations, but I can’t even narrow down where I’d like to go.  Every destination would be like a dream to me.  Either that, or we can move to the beach again.  I’ll take either one.

4. I’m still trying to follow along with the Tone It Up Bikini Series.  I’ve made it through the first 4 days of the second week and then *pow* yesterday’s workout was so incredibly difficult, I couldn’t even move my arms.  I feel like the girls who do those videos and don’t even break a sweat are superhuman.

5. I’m already trying to plan my meal for Cinco de Mayo.  It gives me an excuse to make margaritas and eat Mexican food, so I’m down.  It stinks that it’s just the two of us, because then I feel horrible going all out and making a meal that should feed 8 for 2.

6. Sweetened condensed milk.  I have tried and I have failed.  I wanted to make a cleaner version, you know.  My first attempt was just raisins and almond milk.  Not what I expected.  Then again, what could I really expect with raisins and almond milk?  My second attempt was made of coconut milk and honey.  Which wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t as thick as I wanted and when I poured it into my ice coffee, the coconut seemed to harden, making my coffee look curdled.  Not the most appetizing.

7. I just registered for my fall classes for school.  I’m completely over this whole school thing.  Over it.  I do not want to do more economics and statistics.

8. It’s currently 63 degrees F here in central Virginia.  It’s the end of April for goodness sakes.  I want it to be warm – like shorts and a tank top weather – right now!  I also want to garden.  I think I’ve made a decision to plant herbs this year and hope I don’t kill them.  I had a garden before.  It died.  Although, I should also state that the mosquitoes were on drugs and wouldn’t leave me the heck alone.  I couldn’t stand to even be out there to water the garden let alone take care of it.

9. I officially live in the middle of no where.  We don’t even have a farmer’s market.  And I want to find local honey so I can cure Frank’s allergies.  Which he does have – as much as he doesn’t want to admit it.  “Itchy, watery eyes” “sneezing” “stuffy nose” “scratchy throat”.  If these are the four symptoms that are helped by taking allergy medication… and those are the four symptoms you have – you have allergies!

10.  I hate that Frank never listens to me.  Even though I’m right.


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