Pecan Crusted Fried Brie Bites

Do you remember that reality show Outback Jack?  It was a sort of spin-off on the Bachelor. Well, I don’t know about you – but me being in the midst of my high school days – I was all about those television shows.  Also, growing up in a family of all girls (with the exception of my dad, of course), it was a rarity to see anything other than a lovely-dovey television show on.  Well, towards the end of that series,  there was an episode where a contestant devoured – no, inhaled chunks of Brie.  I had never had Brie before, so it intrigued me as well as my entire family.  For the season finale, my mother went out and purchased a slice of Brie for all of us to sample.  Needless to say, it was an acquired taste.

It wasn’t until numerous international flights later that I learned to enjoy that soft cheese.  So much so, that I started to make entire rounds baked with cranberry sauce in filo dough.  Talk about yum.  This year, I’m experimenting with different appetizers for the holidays  and this is the first one.


Pecan Crusted Fried Brie Bites

2 Brie rounds

2/3 c finely crushed pecan crumbs (add a cup of pecans into a food processor until it forms crumbs)

1/3 c whole wheat pastry flour

2 eggs

1 c coconut oil

Combine pecan crumbs and flour until blended.  Crack the eggs into a shallow bowl, and lightly whisk.  Melt the coconut oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat.    Meanwhile, cut each Brie round into 8 pieces.  Take a piece, dip it in the egg and then coat it with the pecan mixture.  Fry a few at a time.  Flipping so that they fry for about a minute on each side.  Remove from oil and allow to drain on a paper towel.  Serve alone or with some honey.

This appetizer tastes slightly like your own personal grilled cheese bite – fancified.  The nutty exterior is amazing and it leads to a creamy cheesy center.  I’m sure this would no-doubt taste amazing with a cranberry dipping sauce.  I may test one of those out prior to the holidays.


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