workout wednesdays.

Fitness, like food, has always been a passion of mine – and much needed!  As you can tell, with all of the food posts I put on here, those daily workouts are a necessity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  My favorite cardio workout is running.  It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s relatively easy.  I’ve started to get a little more into weight training, but I don’t particularly like going to a gym.  It takes too long to drive to one in my current location and it’s just an extra expense that is not needed.  A couple of years ago I found the fitness community on YouTube (as well as the beauty community – but that’s another story) and have been working out from home ever since.


This is a workout I’ve had written down and have been doing for a couple of years.  I upgrade the weights according to my progress – so it shouldn’t matter if you have to chose a lower weight to start.  It’s definitely a killer and each time I complete it I’m sore for a couple days after.   I made it into a printout so that you can easily print it and take it wherever you go, especially if you’re traveling.  It’s a simply full body workout that requires only dumbbells.


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