Monster Cookie Protein Granola Bars

The name of this treat alone sounds absolutely delicious and I’m all about eating sweet treats that are lightened up.  I think the first bite of this was an explosion of peanut butter flavor with a subtle chocolate taste due to the chips and m&m’s mashed into the top.  Mr. LL thought different and said it tasted like a chocolate brownie.  Either way you look at it seems like a win-win for breakfast in my book.  The granola bars are super easy to prepare and once you slice them into bars, wrap them individually and place them in the refrigerator they are convenient for breakfast or a snack on-the-go throughout the entire week.


You can find the recipe for these over at Dashing Dish’s website, but like I said before – you can’t view all of her recipes without being a member.  It’s $5.00 a month to become a member and trust me – it’s totally worth it.  Her recipes are all absolutely delicious.  I’ve been following her blog for a good 4 years now – and her recipes never fail.  I mean, look at these bars!  Not only do you get delicious, healthy alternatives to the foods you love, but she also has workouts.  Not enough?  You can also purchase one of her meal plans!


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