Fall Inspired M&M Flavors

So, we’re already a week through September and I just keep thinking to myself – where has the time gone?  The calendar keeps reminding me that it’s almost the fall season – my favorite season of all – but the temperatures are not.  Now, I don’t want to rush summer away – I want to hold onto every day of warmth for as long as possible, even if the nights have been getting quite a bit chillier.  I’m preparing myself for the fall-inspired décor and the cool-weather inspired foods.  In the midst of all of this preparation, I have taken notice that M&M’s have been coming out with Limited Edition flavors.  Last Christmas I sampled the gingerbread flavor, but by the time I got around to purchasing it, it was all sold out. (Story of my life.) I didn’t get to try another until Easter when their carrot cake inspired flavor covered the shelves.  I was addicted.  I would sit there with a co-worker popping them into our mouths like they were the last thing we would ever consume.  So, my love of all fall-inspired things, I went on search for these three seasonal flavors.



This flavor is great.  It’s the only white-chocolate flavored m&m for fall.  It definitely has a very white-chocolatey flavor with a bit of a mallow aftertaste.  My one co-worker absolutely loved these and by the time I got around to sampling them again there was only 3 left in the bag.  Who does that?  Only leave three m&m’s – like those last three are going to be what destroys your diet.



This flavor was a milk-chocolate m&m.  I couldn’t really taste the candy apple flavoring until the end – much like the mallow flavor in the candy corn – but it was delicious nonetheless.  My boss actually loved these more than the candy corn – stating she wasn’t much of a candy corn eater to begin with.  I think the overall candy apple flavor intensifies the chocolate making this a richer flavor.



This one – I’ll have to admit – wasn’t shared with my coworkers.  This one was consumed all by myself.  There’s a reasoning behind that though… this one is, like the others, a Limited Edition, but it’s also exclusive only to Target.  I drove out there one morning last week to find out they didn’t even have them in stock.  Well, Mr. LL having to take a trip out there again on Saturday, I asked him to swing by and see if they finally put them on the shelves – they did. I already knew I was going to like these as soon as I saw the flavor.  Like I said, I’m a put-pumpkin-into-everything-to-make-it-better kind of gal.  You can taste the pumpkin spice flavoring as soon as you get to the chocolatey filling. This one, like the candy apple, also has a milk-chocolate base – although I think white chocolate would have paired just as wonderfully.

Have you tried any of these flavored m&ms?  Which one is your favorite?  Are there any of other fall-inspired treats you recommend trying?


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