Cantaloupe Margarita

This past Wednesday, Mr. LL and I went to the Farmer’s market and purchased an extremely delicious cantaloupe.  Well, Mr. LL doesn’t eat cantaloupe, and I couldn’t consume it all in a timely manner. So, what do we do with leftover fruit that’s days away from going bad?  Bring out the liquor, duh!

cantaloupe margarita tt

{picture via Tide and Thyme website}

I did make some alterations – like changing out the “fresh lime juice” because honestly, who carries that many limes on hand at one given time?  Hence the reason my photo doesn’t look as amazing as the original. Eh, who am I kidding? I’m not a photographer.  I used my IPhone.  I also used Triple Sec because that was the only orange flavored alcohol we had in the house.   Overall, it was delicious.  Note to self: when the fiancé won’t eat the fruit you buy – add tequila.

cantaloupe margarita


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