Snickers Protein Shake

I’ve been a fan of Dashing Dish for quite a while now and love the fact that she uses so much protein in her dishes.

dashing dish snickers protein shake

{Image from Dashing Dish website}

I decided that my first of her protein shakes I was going to try/review was going to be her snickers protein shake.  Now, she uses cottage cheese in her protein shakes to add a bit more protein so make sure you blend it really well or you’ll end up sipping a chunky chocolate peanut butter shake like I did the first time I used it.  “yum”

The first sip of this – you could definitely taste the “snickers” flavoring.  Absolutely divine.  There was a slight protein powder aftertaste (and I use the same Designer Whey protein she does) – but it’s not horrible.  I did make two alterations to her recipe – instead of using water, I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk and I also used a 1/2 tsp of xanthan gum to make the shake super thick and ice cream-like.


I topped the shake with a clean eating chocolate sauce (a possibility that will be on the blog in the future), mini dark chocolate chips and caramel peanuts (because Mr. LL ate all of my plain peanuts).


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